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Tuesday 30 August 2011

Deep Ocean Challenge #7

Gooooooooooood Morning!!

Happy new day, dear friends, it's time for a new challenge here on Deep Ocean and we are all so happy to see you again here with us. This summer (in Europe) has been sooo hot, we know that there are people with them feeth in the salt water and are miles away, so we want give you a big THANKS for staying with us, following our progress and showing us your incredible creations.

Yesterday we discovered our winner and our Top3, if you lose the post, please scroll down for know the lucky people, and don't forget to grab the banner!! We are so proud see it in your blogs.

So, now I should give you the big announcement, right? For this challenge, the lovely and cute theme is
Isn't a super sweet theme, uhm? We want see a loooot of love here for next two weeks...
Hearts everywhere: hearts on your projects, hearts here, hearts there, hearts for you and
hearts for us, love love love... We are in Valentine Day mode now ahahaha

Share with us some of love!

Here the amazing samples from our DT, but before our guest Lou Mac, with her superb work

she is really famous, I'm sure everybody know her name and her incredible creations, so full of lovely and sweet details... so, come on, visit her blog and share some love, too!

Here our FAB DT, who like everytime, suprise with them cards








And here, the super prize offered by

a lovely ribbon shop, who "supply a variety of quality ribbons, twine, seam binding, buttons and other items for all of your crafting needs".
And this is what the winner can win:

The prize includes a selection of ribbons, seam binding, bakers twine, heart pins and polka dot buttons.

You can find our RULES (read and respect them!) in the sidebar,
Show us your lovely side and swamp us with a lot of love and entries!!

Monday 29 August 2011


Hello dears,
today we are here for show you our winners....whooo-hooo
Random chooose number:

  94, who is....Janice!!

congrats, girl, and now pop over our top 3:

That's all, folks, see you tomorrow for a LOVELY theme!

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Deep ocean challenge #6

 Hello Everyone!
 Hope your summer going good and I hope sun make you day special :)
today is again the big day....and we are so exited for it ....do you know why? we have 4 new designers and one guest designer!!! whooo-hooo!!!
first of all we must to tell you the theme, right?

 Light blue

i think is too nice. so here is our guest Jenine!!!
perfect for this theme, isn'it? 
 Now pop over our new designers....a warm welcome tooo...

and now our Senior design team:

 frontal vision



that's all folks!!
surprise us!!!

Monday 15 August 2011

winner challenge sea

hello evryone,
as every 2 monday we have pick the winner and our top 3....so, congratulation to....

so, please e-mail me at: albertogava95@gmail.com
and here is our top 3:
  1. Lori (n°4)
  2. Mandy (n°19-44)
  3. Sandy (n°37)
See you tomorrow for another pretty theme :o)
Alberto and the design team

Sunday 7 August 2011

Girls? you know what says


Congrats, Lady

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Elena's news!

Hello deep ocean fun!
i'm here just for write you an excited news about our senior designer ELENA...
elena is proud to be a new...

congratulation, my friend....here you can see her amazing work with odd

Friend? you make me sooo proud!
come THERE for leave her a commet!

see you soon,

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Deep Ocean challenge #5

Hello all, stamps lovers!

Today is starting a new challenge....
Our NEW challenge is:

(we are or not a deep ocean challenge?)
leave the snow to the winter, the leaves to the autumn and the rebirth to the spring, let's focus our attention on waves, salt water, shells, bubbles, sun, fishes, sand and rocks... evrything all so relaxing and funny!!

we have SO PRETTY DT project and a super sponsor:
TimbroScrapMania who offer...this super magnolia stamp:

And here we have the SUPER project from our guest designer BARBARA, she is so kind boss of TimbroScrapMania...

and now here we have the cards from our design team






Sooo... Have a good time, we want see a lot of entries for this extra summery theme, ok?? Show us how much you are amazing!!

Monday 1 August 2011

winner challenge "ribbons"

Hi everyone!
like every Monday we picked our winner who is...
drum rolls....

Congratulation to...

Kat your card is stunning, so lovely and sweet... you make dream us!
Contact us (you cand find Alberto's mail in the sidebar) for your prize ;)

And here we are for our bi-weekly announcemente of top3... do you need know that "it was an hard decision for us, and bla bla bla..."?! No, you don't, you know to be fantastic, amazing, extraordinary and we love you so... let's proceed!

- #109 Ellen
- #114 Sara
- #227 Franz

don't forget to grab your blikie in the "blikie" tab, girls, we are very proud see our badge in your blog!

see you tomorrow fro another great challenge, with a super summery theme!!!
bye bye